Galleries R Us (2018)

Galleries R Us | Surrender with Laura Hopes | 2018

Galleries R Us was a modular, itinerant artspace developed, curated and worn by Preston Street Union. During Art Week Exeter 2018, PSU roamed the streets of the city, assembling the gallery at various points of interest and activity. A series of five-minute residencies from Nick Davies, Lucia Harley, Laura Hopes and Pete Kingston were also commissioned to take place in and around the artspace. Alongside their work, PSU presented a series of micro-events and performances such as spoken word and covert karaoke.

Galleries R Us was created and delivered by PSU Associates Bettina Amtag, Megan Calver,  Gabrielle Hoad, Kathy Norris, Becca Nutt, Janet Sainsbury, Felicity Shillingford and Stella Tripp

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